Visteon will be showcasing a concept vehicle at the 2010 Paris Motor Show called the C-Beyond, based on the Citroen C4 Picasso, developed in partnership with styling firm Estech.

The concept is meant to preview the company’s technologies as an auto component manufacturer to automakers and the general public. “These concepts are designed to inspire vehicle manufacturers to ‘see beyond’ the conventional role of the vehicle to create an innovative user experience enabled by Visteon’s technology and advanced development,” according to Visteon product group head, Steve Meszaros.

This will include advanced connectivity that provides driver coaching and real-time traffic updates for the navigation system. Personal comfort features on the other hand, will include their Visteon vertical airflow concept that creates four discrete vertical airflow zones. This allows for the omission of vents in the back, as it automatically adjusts the flow according to the amount of passengers in the car.

Apart from that it will also feature Visteon’s high-intensity headlamp LED projector module that provides all main beam patterns, camera-driven adaptive high-beam system along with a glare free mode. Not all innovations in automotive technology are developed by the manufacturers, alot of the time it’s the component suppliers that comes up with the new and cool stuff in their respective fields, and then they look for a pioneer automaker to adopt it.

A picture gallery is available after the jump – you should really look at every single photo – many of the new ‘concepts’ you’ll see could make it to production cars soon.

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