Celebrating Jaguar’s 75th birthday, the company has rolled out the C-X75 RE-EV concept vehicle. As the designation indicates, the car will be a range extended electric vehicle, employing micro gas-turbines.

This will then power four electric motors that produce 195hp each, giving you a total power output of 780hp along with an amazing 1600Nm of torque. This does the 0 to 100km/h run in just 3.4 seconds and Jaguar say that the car can potentially reach a top speed of 330km/h.

This isn’t an all-electric vehicle and can only run on pure electric juice for 110km. It employs two small turbine engines that can run on compressed natural gas, diesel, biofuel or LPG. When coupled with the turbine generators, it gives a total traveling distance of 900km.

Turbines aren’t something completely unexpected here – after all Jaguar Land Rover is part of a JV consortium that is working on developing a new ‘micro jet turbine’ for use in range extender hybrid drives. The consortium has been awarded a juicy £1.1 million grant by the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board for the research and development

A lightweight aluminum body houses the powertrain, while 50 percent of the metal content of the car is recyclable. It will also feature swan doors, while on the inside you will be greeted with a leather interior. The seat position is fixed and the steering wheel, pedals and instruments can be changed to suit each individual driver. Along with that, three high res TFT screens provide the driver with information and readouts that can be customized.

Unfortunately for Jaguar fans, the car is just a concept and there are no plans of putting it into production. Though if you liked some of the technology and design you’ve seen here, as with all concepts you could see certain things make an appearance on future models.

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