The Lotus Esprit is finally back, and once it’s launched in Spring 2013 it will put Lotus firmly back in the road-going supercar world. That means Lotus has got about 2 years to develop this car, and their engine partnership with Toyota should be able to give them a little head start as engine development does not have to be from scratch.

The preliminary specs (more of a product planning target) aims to give the Esprit a massive 620 PS and 720Nm of power to lug around 1,450kg of weight up to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds. Lotus will most likely take a big Toyota V8 and supercharge it to be able to reach its intended performance goals. The V8 is supposed to be mounted

V8s generally sound very good, and Lotus quotes a redline of 8,500rpm in its specs sheet so its going to be a screaming high revving unit. The final piece of equation is the kind of intake sounds that forced induction makes. Should be very fun to trash around indeed just for the aural soundtrack.

In the intro video where key Lotus personnel introduce the Esprit, it’s interesting to note that the old Esprit’s product placement in James Bond movies was mentioned. Perhaps we could see this new Esprit in a future Bond movie?

Look after the jump for a video, press images as well as live images of the new Lotus Esprit concept car.

GALLERY: Lotus Esprit live at Paris 2010
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GALLERY: Lotus Esprit
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