This is the Opel GTC Paris concept car, described as a showcase of how Opel can “dial up” the brand’s design language via a “sporty and emotional interpretation”. This concept previews the upcoming three-door hatchback version of the current Opel/Vauxhall Astra.

Following the likes of Renault with its Megane, the GTC is more than just a five-door Astra with two doors lopped off. Like the Megane Coupe, it’s a compact, rakish and highly stylised three-door. The brand’s recent signature blade sweeps back from the front, like in the Insignia and unlike the five-door Astra. Another design line starts from the door handle flowing back to join the rear lights. Opel says the car has a “bulldog stance”. Short and fat?

The interior has some interesting ideas. The driver’s seat is in red while the passenger’s is in black. They even have calligraphy laser etched on them. The script reads “and the speed was pure beauty”, a quote from Richard Bach’s novel, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.

Speed wouldn’t be a problem. The GTC has a twin-scroll turbo 2.0-litre with direct injection. This 290 hp motor with double camshaft phasing and twin balance shafts is paired with a six-speed manual transmission. Start/stop is standard, as is a Limited Slip Differential for extra traction. The GTC Paris also features FlexRide adaptive suspension that continuously adapts to changes in driving style and cornering speed.

Nice ingredients for a hot VXR variant. Official pics are here while live images come after the jump.

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