BMW will be conducting a ‘technical service campaign’ to work on defective Brake Vacuum Pumps found in certain V8 and V12 equipped cars built between 2001 and 2009. Affected vehicles may develop a leak in the braking system that could cause a vacuum loss, resulting in a decrease in brake power assistance.

The following are the models affected: 2002-2002 BMW 745i/Li, 750i/Li, and 760i/Li, 2007-2007 BMW Alpina B7, 2004-2010 BMW 645i and 650i, 2004-2010 BMW 545i and 550i, and the 2003-2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

“Our BMW cars here in Malaysia are largely not affected by the Brake Vacuum Pump issue as the majority – 98% – of our cars sold here run on four and six cylinder engines. The issue is also only limited to certain eight and twelve cylinder engines which were built between 2001 and 2009. We have identified these cars here and we will be running a campaign to further ensure our customer’s peace of mind. There have been no reports of any accidents having occurred as a result of the defective brake vacuum pumps,” said BMW Group Malaysia managing director Geoffrey Briscoe.

The problem will take approximately 1 day to fix and it will be at no cost to the customer. Customers who have purchased V8 and V12 vehicles through grey importers are also advised to bring their cars in to check if their cars are affected. We called BMW Malaysia up and checked and it seems that if the conditions of the grey import car fit the service campaign criteria, the fix will also be at no charge to the grey import car owner.