volkswagen amarok 1

It might still only be available in selected markets, but Volkswagen’s Amarok is certainly going places, winning new friends and influencing people. It has, as its type suggests, picked up the inaugural International Pick-up Award 2011. The award was judged by a panel from 23 countries, the same that elects the International Van of the Year awards winners.

During the judging process, the Amarok was praised by the jury for its ‘effortless off-road abilities’, while its capacity on-road was judged to be the best against all other competitors.

volkswagen amarok 2

The jury also thought the vehicle’s interior to be pretty impressive, noting with kudos the layout and generous space for both front and rear passengers in the double-cab cabin.

Summing up, the jury had plenty of positives for the vehicle. ‘The new Volkswagen Amarok distinguishes itself by fantastic driving qualities, both on- and off-road. It sets new standards in the pick-up category in respect to load capacity, payload, interior room, comfort, ergonomics and fuel consumption.’ High praise, indeed.

VW recently stated that the Amarok – which is currently only being assembled in Argentina, with production in Hannover for European markets being mulled – could help the group make its way into Thailand and allow the company to gain a foothold in South-East Asian markets, though that may yet be a little ways away. One can’t also discount the possibility that the pick-up may figure favourably in certain plans locally, though that’s just speculation.