avl logoIt seems that Austrian-based automotive consulting firm Anstalt für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen List (AVL) is showcasing its new AVL Fuel Cell Commuter electric vehicle at this week’s Austria Tec Week in Expo Shanghai 2010.

No photos or details about the fuel cell range extender system, which was developed through a research project in conjunction with Tongji University in China, or for that matter the EV vehicle from the news picked up on it, but at the heart of it should lie the usual lithium-ion and electric motor system working together with a small hydrogen fuel cell range extender.

AVL does say that the substantial advantage of its FCC is its continuous availability due to the significantly reduced charging time, since refueling with hydrogen only takes a few minutes compared to the few hours needed to charge a battery. Of course, this increased range does also mean that the vehicle needs to carry the necessary hydrogen tank for the autonomous auxiliary power unit.