honda city

The recall season continues, this time over in Brazil. Late last week, Honda issued a recall on close to 127,000 units of its City and Fit models made by Honda Automoveis do Brasil over potential problems with accelerator pedals that could lead to unwanted acceleration.

Specifically, the company said that dust particles might get inside the accelerator pedal’s sensor, causing the pedal to become stuck in some cases. Though there would be a noticeably higher than normal engine RPM, the driver would be able to maintain control of the vehicle and brake safely to a stop, the company added.

honda fit

A single accident has been reported related to the defect, though there were no injuries. The cars being recalled, 126,774 in total, were assembled in Brazil from May 2008 to October 2010 and were sold only in Brazil, so the recall doesn’t apply to cars in markets elsewhere.