For the first time in a year, Toyota has reported a drop in its global production for the month of September, with a 1.3% decrease to 672,604 vehicles, the result of slow sales in Europe and reduced output in the United States.

The company’s production volume in Europe dropped by 29.7%, with ebbing sales in the UK and Turkey responsible for the slump. As for the United States, volume was down by just over 4%, the result of a reduced output after the company shut down its joint venture plant, New United Motor Manufacturing Inc in California, in April. Nummi is where new occupants Tesla Motors will be building its electric vehicles from.

That, of course, contrasts with the output growth enjoyed by Honda and Nissan, which are benefitting from a strong demand in China. Honda’s global production went up by 9.2% to 328,368 vehicles in September, the 10th straight month it has risen year-on-year. It said production in Japan jumped 21.9%, helped by demand for its Fit hybrid, which the company launched early this month.

Meanwhile, for the 20th straight month, Nissan’s production climbed 27.2% globally to 395,658 vehicles year-on-year, with volumes increasing in China and the United States. Elewhere, both Mazda and Mitsubishi also reported improved output percentages, Mazda by 9.4% percent to 117,413 vehicles and Mitsubishi by an impressive 30.9% to 114,191 vehicles.