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Nissan has launched what is essentially its first mass-market hybrid vehicle in Japan. The Fuga Hybrid sedan will begin selling domestically on November 2, with a target sales figure of 200 units a month, and the car is slated to make its way to the US early next year, where it will be known as the Infiniti M.

The company has marketed a hybrid previously in the US, but the Altima hybrid came equipped with a Toyota hybrid system. This one features Nissan’s one-motor, two-clutch parallel hybrid system called Intelligent Dual Clutch Control. A HM34 high-response electric motor (offering 50kW of power and a maximum torque of 270Nm) and high-output, quick charge/discharge lithium-ion battery works with with an updated version of the 3.5 litre VQ35HR V6 block, with an electronic seven-speed hybrid transmission with manual shift mode in tow.

Nissan says the electric motor driving range for the Fuga Hybrid has been expanded for high-speed driving, operating up to over 100kph on a level highway, and that the car offers a fuel economy of 19km/l (in 10-15 mode).

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Features and specs include the use of double-piston shock absorbers, 18-inch chrome-finish alloys, an electro-hydraulic power steering and an electric-driven Intelligent Brake system, with regenerative braking also to be had. The car is available in seven body colours, including a new shade called Eternal Snow White, which is a special titanium metallic color with Scratch Shield.

A host of three-letter acronyms are peppered in to the mix too – Intelligent Control Assist (Distance Control Assist), Intelligent Cruise Control, FCW (Forward Collision Warning), LDP (Lane Departure Prevention)/LDW (Lane Departure Warning) and VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control including TCS).

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The Fuga Hybrid also features an opposite direction driving warning system that gives the driver audio and visual warnings when the vehicle detects that it is going in the opposite direction on highways, based on the vehicle driving information (vehicle speed, GPS location, map information in the car navigation system), which is a world’s first, says the company.

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