Did you know that the first BMW with all-wheel drive was the E30 325iX back in 1985? That is why this showroom condition E30 BMW 325iX was on display at BMW’s international media test drive for the BMW X3 at the Painted Rock Farm in Georgia, USA. Being a fan of the E30, I was thrilled to see such an excellent example on display – something for classic car restorers to aspire to!

The all wheel drive version of the E30 was exclusively available with the six cylinder M20B25 engine, making 171 horsepower. You could have it in either a sedan, a coupe or a touring body. Today, the E90 can be specified on a multitude of engines and recently we even saw the first duo of M cars equipped with all wheel drive – the X5 M and the X6 M.

The old 325iX split its power between the front and rear wheels at a constant 37:63 ratio. It was only later with the E34 5-Series that BMW’s all wheel drive system gained multi-plate clutches that could vary the torque distribution between the front and rear axles as needed, using a control unit that took into account signals from the ABS system wheel speed sensors, and various other sensor input data.

BMW’s all wheel drive system was finally renamed xDrive only with the first generation X3 and X5 models, which was fully integrated into the entire car computer system, heavily tied to DSC and other systems. BMW claims that xDrive is the world’s only intelligent all wheel drive system which varies torque proactively based on predictions rather than reactively.

Anyway I’ll leave you with the nice gallery of the 325iX after the jump. Look out for our take on the new second generation BMW X3 soon.

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