Honda Motor Co will end domestic sales of its Civic sedan as soon as existing stock runs out, according to prominent media group Nikkei. This is in preparation for a “fully updated model” that’s due to be launched next year. The automaker will continue to sell the four-door Civic worldwide though, as the C-segment sedan is still doing well elsewhere.

Nikkei adds that Honda had at first planned to keep the Civic Hybrid on the market, but decided to stop Japanese sales of all Civic models due to weak demand for sedans of that size. In October, Honda sold only 182 Civics and 270 Civic Hybrids in Japan.

This isn’t surprising at all. Back in August, we posted about Honda moving the 8th gen Civic sedan from its car line up page to the Archives section in its Japan website, listing its lifespan as 2007/09 to 2010/08. The Civic Hybrid wasn’t included in that move. Looks like the much awaited 9th gen Civic is really coming soon, although it’ll take awhile for it to reach here after its domestic unveil.