During our phone conversation with Tony Fernandes a few days ago, he told us that the team wasn’t really sure if they wanted to have “half a team”. He was could have been referring to a situation if they continued using the Team Lotus name and another team called “Lotus-Renault” was on the grid as well.

Then last night, Tony tweeted the above – “So we are going into final stretch of name change. Do we keep or do we start brand new identity. Pls let me know.” Of course I don’t think he meant 100% removing the Lotus name – the final stretch of name change probably referred to the potential change from Lotus Racing to Team Lotus, the name he and his partners Din and Nasa acquired from David Hunt. But now it’s obvious he’s potentially considering giving in to the whole fiasco and calling the team something else next season.

We tried asking him in the phone interview what his other choices of names would be but didn’t really get an answer… let’s wait and see what happens.