This KV Racing car still uses a Honda engine next season, but that will change in 2012

It’s a three way game for engines in the Izod IndyCar Series for 2012 now – engine supplier Honda has recently been joined by Chevrolet and now Lotus! Lotus has just announced that it will be supplying in-house engines and are bodykits for the IndyCar series. It will also be creating a motorsport facility in Indianapolis.

The first team to be using the new Lotus engines in the 2012 IndyCar series is KV Racing Technology. Chevrolet also has its first customer – Team Penske. The 2012 rules stipulate engines of 2.4 litres in capacity, a maximum of 6 cylinders, and turbocharged to produce between 550 to 700 horsepower. The Chevrolet engine will be a twin-turbocharged 2.4 litre V6, and we can expect Lotus to follow a similar configuration with their IndyCar engine.

“We will be using the knowledge gained from our extensive research into E85 bio fuel and turbo charged engines to ensure we extract the maximum performance. As you would expect from the company that pioneered aerodynamics in sports car and F1 racing over the years, our aero body kit will also be a world class solution. So all in all, will the 2012 Lotus IndyCar will be as innovative and revolutionary as the Lotus Type 38 that won in 1965 and changed Indy forever? Maybe – we’ll have to wait and see!” said Claudio Berro, Director of Lotus Motorsport.

There seems to be a whole load of stuff happening with Lotus ever since Dany Bahar joined the management team!

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