bmw lottery

Oh dear, it looks like the scammers have gotten to looking at car companies now in a bid to part you and your money (please, no bad jokes about selling cars being that now …). Following a spate of bogus emails that have been spreading across South East Asia, BMW Group Malaysia has released a statement saying that BMW does not offer cash prizes or BMW nor MINI cars as part of free prize draws.

Apparently, an email entitled ‘BMW Car International Promotion Program’ has been circulating the Internet, and the recipient of the mail is told that he/she has won 750,000 sterling pounds as well as an X6 35iM from the ‘BMW Lottery Department UK’, which along with the ‘The BMW International Awareness Promotions,’ has no relationship whatsoever with the BMW Group nor with BMW Group Malaysia.

“We are aware that there are and have been a number of similar emails in circulation and we are currently investigating how to prevent those responsible from using BMW’s name in such a way. We advise anyone who receives the email to not enter into correspondence with the sender,” BMW Group Malaysia’s corporate communications manager Sashi Ambi said in a statement.

Apparently, versions of the mail have been circulating about for years now, with rather fancy models designations such as the 550i M, X6 35i Sport Saloon and X6 Concept being spewed. Giving away a concept, yes, sure …