Red Bull Racing has done an amazing job to win both the Constructor’s championship and Driver’s title in the 2010 Formula 1 season, and the team’s guys and girls will be duly rewarded for a job well done. According to Bild, RBR staff will get at least a £10k bonus while the champ himself Sebastien Vettel will pocket an extra 3 million euros or £2.6m.

The energy drinks company boss Dietrich Mateschitz is rewarding every single member of RBR’s 500-strong team with £10,000 each, and up to £42,000 extra for senior staff, for delivering the titles to Milton Keynes.

But Mateschitz is just sharing the spoils of victory, as the billionaire’s team are in line to receive total prize money of £62 million for their efforts in the 2010 F1 season. That’s more than enough to cover the bonuses. And the hordes of people now buying the (admittedly cool) Puma RBR merchandise will surely replenish the team’s coffers in no time!