The Proton Lekir Concept is essentially a Lotus Europa with a Proton badge. It asks a very interesting question – could a more affordable Proton-badged Lotus Europe sell?

Word is that the Lotus Europa was supposed to be a Proton in the first place, and it was known as the Proton Sepang project, but along the way it was decided that it would be sold as a Lotus instead, and of course with that came along Lotus prices. The Europa was short-lived and the position of a more comfortable Lotus has been filled by the Lotus Evora.

Seems like quite a shame to let the Europa go to waste – now imagine this, a Proton-badged Lotus Europa priced below RM150,000 and powered by the upcoming turbocharged Campro engine. A true rakyat’s sports car?

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[zenphotopress number=999 album=1760]