Well, you can’t please them all. Despite having made lots of new friends and bagged awards, there’s at least one publication that doesn’t quite think the Honda CR-Z hybrid quite cuts the cloth – in the US, Consumer Reports‘ has carried out a test of four different fuel-efficient cars, and the car was part of that test group.

Despite achieving a 35 mpg overall figure and having a crisp manual transmission, it seems the two-seat hybrid hatch scored too low for the publication to recommend it, and the vehicle ended up as the lowest ranked of the four fuel-efficient cars on test for the January issue.

While CR said the car handled nimbly, it wasn’t very sporty otherwise – other points were that the ride is choppy, visibility is lacking, noise levels are high, and on-limit handling can be tricky, though the six-speed manual transmission and braking were plus points.

Meanwhile, two of the other cars in the group, the Ford Fiesta and Mazda2, fared very well, both achieving ‘Very Good’ ratings; the rag said they are both fun to drive and deliver impressive fuel economy. For the Fiesta, its agile handling, relatively quiet cabin and composed ride were high points.