AutoDetailer is having a “Race Against The Machine Sepang 2010” photography contest in conjunction with tomorrow’s ZTH Time To Attack. The contest is a pro-bono effort and is non-profit, to cultivate a local community of car photographers. There are no entry fees and all levels of photographic talents are invited.

They have managed to source various sponsored prizes from an iPod Touch to photographer delights such as Crumpler bags, Manfrotto monopods and many more to a value of over RM7,000. The contest will have 8 main categories, namely:

  1. Best Panning Shot
  2. Best Action Shot
  3. Best Behind-The-Scenes Pit Shot
  4. Best Artistic Automotive Shot
  5. Best Photoshop®-processed image
  6. Best Lighting Shot
  7. Best Creative Shot from a Mobile Phone
  8. Best Overall Image that captures the TTA Series 2010

Photos will be judged on photographic quality & technical knowledge. You can use any camera as you can see, there’s even a category for camera phone shots. Simply head onto Sepang tomorrow, snap your photos, then visit the AutoDetailer Facebook page to find how how to submit your photos (instructions are not up yet as of now).