The dual-clutch gearbox, popularised by Volkswagen and adopted by the likes of Ford, Volvo, BMW and Porsche today, will find its way into Hyundai-Kia vehicles from next year. First out with be a six-speed unit, followed by a seven speeder, supplied by Germany’s LUK and branded as Parallel Shift Gearbox (PSG).

Like VW’s DSG, PSG has two computer operated clutches, one handling even gears and the other odd gears. Compared to a torque converter automatic, shift speed and efficiency are improved, but it’s the latter Hyundai is chasing after. “To improve our fuel economy, we are aggressively trying to apply various technologies,” Dr Woong-chul Yang, president of Hyundai-Kia’s R&D division said.

The “various tech” mentioned includes the continuously variable transmissions (CVT), which will be introduced in smaller models to boost mileage. In the US, Hyundai has announced plans to lift its corporate average fuel economy rating to 50 mpg (17.7 km/l) by 2025. Four upcoming models including the new Elantra (Avante for us) will get at least 40 mpg or 14.2 km/l on the highway. Transmissions are key, but other measures include direct-injection engines, turbochargers and hybrid tech.

Reports from Australia say that the recipients of the PSG will include the ix35 and i45, which we know as the Tucson and Sonata respectively.