It’s a name that has had a long and distinguished association with motor racing. Castrol, which made its debut in 1909, has certainly been in the thick of it all where motorsports is concerned, and in the early days, you could even smell its winning ways on track!

Indeed, Castrol founder C.C Wakefield’s Castrol “R” lubricant was once universally synonymous with motor racing, and in those heady, cavalier days, the air around British race tracks was filled with the pungent aroma of Castrol R wafting out from exhausts – the castor oil-based formulation, which could withstand the extreme heat and friction that early high-powered engines were subject to, also gave it a distinct scent through emissions. It was also the oil which gave the brand its name.

Wakefield’s products also played a prominent part in pre-WW II speed record-breaking activities – a great many racers broke air, land and water speed records during the 1920s and 1930s in rides using Castrol oil, and the Castrol name has featured proudly as lubricant supplier in the setting of no less than 21 world land speed records, including that of the current record holder, the Thrust SSC. So even from those days, Castrol has shown that it can perform under extreme pressure inside the engine just like how top drivers need to perform on the track.

The company has long been associated with racing, notably Formula 1, and to this day Castrol’s dedication in formulating lubricants able to withstand extreme situations like that of a high performance engine has remained at the core of its product engineering. And I’m thankful for that, because it’s due to Castrol’s obsession in walking the high performance talk that we’re able to bring to you this – the Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring contest!

Yes, come up tops in the Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring and you’ll win yourself a trip to the legendary race track, where you’ll be taking on those corners in no less than a 414 hp BMW M3! Sounds like fun? Well, here’s how you can start getting on your way:

Contest will start on 13th December 2010. Contest entry submission will close on 13th February 2011 (at 12am Malaysian time). No purchase necessary!


Participants have to complete four contest rounds beginning with:


From 13th December 2010 – 2nd January 2011, participants are required to answer 5 trivia questions correctly, which are split into two sections. First section with two (2) questions and the second section with three (3) questions. All trivia questions must be answered correctly by participants to proceed to the next round.


From 3rd January 2011 – 16th January 2011, participants are required to write a slogan about “Why Your Car Needs Castrol EDGE?”. Judges will select 30 participants with the best written slogans to proceed to Round 3.


From 17th January 2011 – 13th February 2011, participants are required to create or write a review expressing the difference Castrol EDGE has made to their car. The Castrol EDGE lubricant will be provided at participating Castrol Auto Service outlet. Participants are also encouraged to be as creative as possible when creating the online reviews. Judges will select 16 finalists with the best reviews to proceed to Round 4. Under the judges’ discretion, only the most creative entries will be eligible to proceed.


Only 16 participants with the most creative reviews will be selected as finalists to participate in the exclusive Castrol Edge Nurburgring – Sepang Challenge. Based on the performance of the 16 finalists at the Castrol Edge Nurburgring – Sepang Challenge, judges’ will select one Grand Prize Winner for the trip to The Nurburgring in Germany and other prize winners accordingly.

The grand prize winner gets flight, accomodation, and a two day driving program! At the end of the day, only one lucky winner will get a chance to tear up the bends at the legendary ‘Ring in Germany – will you be the one?

You’ll need both internal strength to brave the feared “Green Hell”, as well as the strength of Castrol EDGE to give you the confidence and freedom to drive your car to the edge how you want, when you want it!