Having a tough time navigating the wilderness? Ready to go full throttle to win a trip to Monaco? Read our tips on how to get a podium finish in The Rallye to Monte-Carlo:

  1. Play every day: This sounds like a no-brainer, but think about it; the more ground you cover each day, the faster you’ll reach the finish line, right?
  2. Answer all Challenges: Challenges are crucial to your progress in the game. Beat a mini-game or answer a quiz correctly and you’ll get your much-needed Fuel to keep on Revving. Remember, each Fuel tank takes you further.
  3. Finish your Fuel: You get 5 Fuel tanks each day, so make sure you use up all of your Fuel to stay ahead. If you skip playing for a day, you’ll get 5 Fuel tanks for that day, but that means you still need to catch up…

We hope that these simple tips on how to play will help you stay ahead in the rally. After all, there’s an awesome prize at stakes – a trip for two to Monte Carlo, Monaco for the rally! Got some advice of your own? Share your tips in the comments!