Team Lotus’ Jarno Trulli is an unhappy man. How do we know? Our man Harvinder caught up with the veteran Italian driver recently and managed to coax this out of him: “It has been so far my worst season ever, all my life, all my career,” he said. Click here to view the full interview.

Not only is Trulli unhappy with last season’s racing, he’s also not pleased with the direction Formula 1 is heading. “In the last couple of years F1 has taken an ugly turn: contracts are worth less and less, the only thing that interests is the big money brought by various ‘little’ drivers,” Trulli told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Only four teams can guarantee excellent drivers; as for the rest the level is extremely poor. When I started there was a lot of quality because many constructors aimed at having winning drivers. Nowadays many teams’ budgets are made of the money brought by the drivers,” he added.

One can sense that he misses the old days in a well funded big team as well. “Lotus is the most serious team among the newest entries, but in the event of financial troubles they too would need to find money. Serious as it is, our organisation is small, the marketing department isn’t what you’d find in a top team, it’s hard to keep going. F1 has gone back 20 years: many small teams and a few constructors.”

F1 fans, do you agree with Trulli’s views?