Here’s something for the racer on a budget to chew on. Turkish composite specialist Avitas has taken the covers off its first complete car, the Control-1, at the Autosport International 2011 show in Birmingham.

Designed and built in-house, the Control-1 is the result of two years of development by the Istanbul-based company, which has been around since 1969 and specialises in producing automotive composite plastic products.

The Control-1 is built around a tubular chassis, and features carbon fibre panels and all-round double-wishbone suspension. It’s equipped with a four-cylinder 150 hp engine, mated to a five-speed sequential gearbox, and the rear-wheel drive vehicle weighs in at just 660 kg.

It’s intended to be inexpensive to buy and run, providing both competitors and championship organisers with an efficient way to go racing, or start a new series. Any takers then?