The Swigz Racing all-electric superbike has made history in its global racing debut, powering to two podium spots in two races at the Auto Club Speedway in California last weekend.

Despite only six laps of pre-race testing from Saturday’s practice session and a cold and overcast day, the privately owned and developed machine managed to live up to its promise to match gasoline-powered bike lap times on Sunday.

Swigz Racing owner and bike rider Chip Yates achieved third place in the premier WERA Heavyweight Twins Superbike race, having started on the third row of the grid, and unbelievably went one better in the WERA Heavyweight Twins Superstock race to finish second and post the fastest lap of the race at a 1:39.792. The bike was recorded at 254 kph on the straight.

“This was an absolutely epic race weekend for our team; we had to overcome some technical difficulties on Saturday but we fixed everything and came back Sunday to score two podiums, a huge top speed, and post competitive gasoline bike lap times with no further technical issues to slow us down,” Yates said.

“We are a small and entirely self-funded team, and together with a small group of very loyal sponsors, are solely responsible for the development, patenting and building of this superbike. What a humbling experience for our small team to develop and build a machine that can beat gasoline bikes from the top manufacturers on their own terms – I was nearly brought to tears as I crossed the finish line both times!”

No more calling an electric bike a wuss, at least not this one.