Following the global recall issued by Toyota Motor Corporation, which affects 1.7 million vehicles, Lexus Malaysia has announced a Special Service Campaign for a certain number of its IS 250 sedans.

In a statement, it said a total of 78 units of the IS 250 are involved in this SSC, and that the company is taking proactive measures to contact all the owners of the relevant vehicles.

The campaign is to address an insufficient tightening of the fuel pressure sensor which has been found on some IS 250 models produced from August 2007 to February 2009. There is a possibility that the pressure sensor could become loose, over time, and if this occurs, fuel may leak via a gasket that is used between the sensor and the delivery pipe connection.

Lexus Malaysia will inspect the vehicle for fuel leakage and if no leakage is found, the fuel pressure sensor will be tightened with the proper torque. If a fuel leak is confirmed, the gasket between the sensor and the delivery pipe will be replaced and the sensor will also be tightened with the proper torque.

No other Lexus or Toyota models sold by UMW Toyota Motor in Malaysia are involved in this campaign, the company said.