The Mercedes GP team, which is of course sponsored by Malaysia’s Petronas, has released the first image of its 2011 car. This rendering is of the MGP W02 that will be driven by Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg for the coming Formula 1 season. The new Silver Arrow will be unveiled tomorrow at Valencia when the team starts testing, so there won’t be a grand launch this year.

We’ve also put the outgoing MGP W01 car here for you to spot the difference. Body wise, the most obvious change is the higher nose of the W02 than last year’s car – the rest we’ll find out later. The livery has also gone through some change as well – Petronas gets more prominence than before – their logotype is now in white over green as opposed to black over body colour. This can be seen on the front wing, sidepods and rear wing.

The sponsor list looks to be unchanged, but of course the Bridgestone logo makes way for a Pirelli one. The Japanese tyre maker has left F1 and its place as sole tyre supplier has been taken by Pirelli.