Suzuki is set to premiere its Swift S-Concept at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. No details have been announced, save that the concept is based on the new Swift hatchback, and that it will feature a sportier design theme which will be “reflected by a look in which sportiness has been added to the Swift’s stylish design.”

Not the Swift S-Concept for Geneva, but the R Concept for Beijing. Don’t get them mixed up.

Er, yes, that tells us very much about the S-Concept, it does. Wonder if it’s anything like the Swift R Concept that has been announced for this year’s Beijing Auto Show in April. This one derives its inspiration from Suzy’s superbikes, notably the GSX-R 1000. Party tricks include a flash bodykit and widened wheel arches. It’ll be interesting to see how different R is from S, being that close in deployment as they are.