The sharing, caring world grows ever so bigger, which makes sense in this day and age. Reports are rife that Toyota and Subaru is working towards using the same platform for their next-generation Highlander and Tribeca models.

Both vehicles are due for replacement sometime in 2014, and the grapevine reports that the boffins are looking at ways to seat the Subaru crossover on the Highlander’s platform.

Naturally, there’ll be some tricky corners to work around – the shared platform has to accomodate a number of different powertrain configurations, in this case a longitudinally-mounted boxer pot for the Tribeca and a transverse-mounted block for the Highlander, plus a hybrid system for the latter.

Nothing that can’t be surmounted, if there’s enough will. The way, of course, isn’t so soon, so there’s plenty of time to explore the will bit.