This is the new Volkswagen Golf24, which Volkswagen will be racing in the Nürburgring 24-hour race in 2011, and it’s much more than just a hardcore tuned up Golf R. No, the Golf24 gains one cylinder over whatever’s been available in the Mk6 series of Volkswagen Golf so far (except for the US Golf of course).

It’t not as hardcore as mounting a W12 engine in the rear like the Golf GTI W12 650 Concept, but the engine bay of the Golf24 has been equipped with a 2.5 litre inline-5 turbo engine, probably a similar unit to the one found in the Audi TT-RS. In race tune, it makes a massive 440 PS and 540Nm of torque, putting all that power to all four wheels via permanent four wheel drive and a sequential 6-speed paddle shift box.

The Golf24 will hit the 25km racetrack in June this year, but it has already being tested since late last year, with the most recent test conducted in Italy at the Vallelunga circuit. If you have a VW Golf and you’ve stretched your 4-pot to the maximum it can take already, perhaps this is an idea for an engine transplant? ;)