The strange looking Proton Prototype that looks like a shorter and lower Proton Exora has been sighted in Malaysia quite a few times and seemingly with increased frequency too, but now apparently it has appeared overseas as well! Here’s some shots of the new Proton Prototype being tested overseas somewhere up north on snowy terrain.

For the first time we also have photos of what the interior of the prototype looks like. No idea how my source managed to get it. He must have chummed up with the test drivers as there was mention of Bosch being involved in this testing. It looks pretty much like a regular right hand drive Proton Exora at first sight, but look closer and you’ll see that the gate shifter has also a different pattern P-R-N-D-L instead of the P-R-N-D-3-2-L in the Exora – this probably points to the CVT transmission, where D would be regular driving and L would engage a CVT shift pattern optimised for engine braking.

If you zoom into the photo above and look at the sticker on the dashboard it says “P3 – CFE TURBO CVT3” – they could likely be testing the new turbocharged Campro CFE Turbo drivetrain and CVT gearbox on a modified Exora-looking mule designed to simulate the target weight of the vehicle that this drivetrain package is intended for, perhaps the production version of the Proton Tuah/Espire/Persona R.

What do you think CFE stands for? The rest of the shots are after the jump.

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