Feeling testy with that guy who just cut in front of you? Want to stand on your horn? Well, apparently that may not be such a good idea if you happen to be in a 2011 VW Jetta.

In the US, Volkswagen of America has announced a recall on 71,043 Jettas, manufactured from March last year to March this year, over a wiring issue layout regarding the horn and its ability to stifle things.

Yes, beep it and it could cause the car to stall, so it goes. Seems the wiring layout that controls the horn also controls the converter box, which governs the engine management system, as well as the lighting system and wipers. In rare circumstances, beeping the horn might short-circuit the converter box. Which isn’t good, presumably.

No related accidents or injuries have been reported, VW said. Until the rectification work is carried out, Jetta owners in the States will be a rather quiet lot, methinks.