Back in December 2009, China’s Beijing Auto (BAIC) purchased intellectual property for Saab’s 9-5 and 9-3 sedans from General Motors, who no longer wanted the Swedish marque. The $200 million purchase will bear its first fruit in the form of an own brand sedan by the end of this year, it was revealed earlier.

At the Shanghai show, BAIC wheeled out this T60 concept car, which shows extensively reworked bodywork over the ageing Saab platform. The T60, which looks very modern, resembles different models from different angles, so it’s a good car to play “spot the inspiration” with.

This shortcut to a new car will go on sale early next year in China. Some might dismiss it as new skin over old bones, but the previous gen Saab 9-5 was sold in Europe only until recently and is Euro NCAP proven – so this should be a safer car than many homegrown models.