Undoubtedly, the personal GPS navigation field is littered with plenty of offerings these days. All are very competent at what they’re supposed to do, which is to get you to the destination of your choice, and there’s little running away from specifications among competing products. Nonetheless, there are still areas where some differ from others.

Take the gogopal Q5.0 GPS navigator, for example. The ultra-slim personal navigation device features a 5-inch 480 x 272 resolution TFT touchscreen, a SiRFatlasV 533MHz CPU, 128MB of internal memory and 64MB of SDRAM memory, with a Windows CE 6.0 operating system, for starters. Well equipped, certainly, but that’s not where the real magic lies.

A GPS is only as good as what it runs on, and the gogopal has plenty of mojo – at the heart of it all is a Hyundai Mnsoft-based SpeedNavi SQ Version 3.1 software and MapIT’s industry leading maps (of Malaysia and Singapore), as well as features that differentiate the gogopal from the competition, of which there’s a bit to shout about.

These include 3D building rendering, which makes for easier on the eye navigation, as well as a separate junction zoom split display, where every junction features a top-down view on approach to afford the driver unmistakable view of where exactly to turn.

There’s also 3D photo navigation, where selected junctions feature a photo rendered from full 3D-models to help you make the right turn. Another unique feature is the provision of lane information to guide drivers onto the correct lanes for an upcoming turn or maneouvre, with the designated lane marked by a yellow arrow.

Additionally, there’s a special house numbers search feature that allows you to navigate to the exact house on the road you’re looking for, and this is available throughout Malaysia and Singapore. If you’re travelling to Singapore, you can even search for a specific location via the postcode search, since all buildings in the Republic have a unique postcode.

Aside from being a mere GPS, the Q5.0 also multiples up as a video, music and Flash player as well as a photo viewer; the unit comes with a 2GB MicroSD card. There are also eight games included, perfect for those moments where you don’t really need to use the GPS until you get nearer to your destination and the kids need something to occupy the time with.

The Q5.0 comes bundled with a car charger, USB cable and car cradle. Additionally, the gogopal also comes with a special storage pouch and a house charger (worth RM79) as standard, items that are usually optional extras for other brands. With every purchase comes a year’s worth of free map updates.

The retail price of the gogopal Q5.0 is RM499, which is stilll a great deal considering how much a GPS unit used to cost a few years back. For more info, visit gogopal’s website or call 03-90570908 (extension 203).