Big potholes that weren’t there a week ago, silly dogs that dash across the road and foolhardy pedestrians lazy to take the overhead bridge were among the few road obstacles that I’ve encountered over the past week. Avoidable in the day, but can be an unpleasant surprise in the dark. Good headlamps means you get to see further and clearer, lessening the chance of an unwanted encounter.

Those looking for aftermarket headlamps now have another choice. OSRAM, the light maker headquartered in Munich, recently launched its Night Breaker Plus (NBP) range of automobile headlamps in Malaysia. NBP, which is an improved version of the earlier Night Breaker, is claimed to provide superior brightness and longer life, and is hailed as “probably the brightest halogen light in the world”.

OSRAM’s NBP has a special high-output coil and blue ring coating, and is claimed to shine up to 90% more light on the street have a 35-metre longer beam. The light is also up to 10% whiter. The latter is said to improve comfort and reduce eyestrain.

The patented blue ring coating also helps to reduce glare and the focused light beam concentrates the light at 75 m to 100 m ahead, which is the ideal shine area. Figures are compared to standard headlamps.

Compared to the first gen Night Breaker, NBP has a longer lifetime of up to 50%, according to OSRAM. This has been achieved with a new filament design and an optimised share of prime gas filling. On top of this, high quality gold plated contacts provide better conductivity.

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The NBP family can be easily exchanged with standard halogen lamps. They are sold in cardboard boxes, blister packs and the DUO BOX. The recommended retail price is from RM149 to RM299.