Last weekend’s Turkish GP, which was won convincingly by Seb Vettel, saw both Lotus Renault GP drivers in the points – Heidfeld came in seventh and Petrov was eighth. The team got hold of Group Lotus F1 spokesman Jean Alesi to comment on the race. Here’s what the Stallone lookalike former racer had to say:

With Heidfeld coming in 7th and Petrov in 8th both Lotus Renault GP drivers finished in the points this weekend, what’s your view on the race?

As I’ve said before, I think it’s very clear that the car is really competitive, to have two cars finish in the top ten at this stage of the season is great. I enjoyed the race and I had a little moment of real pride when I was watching the post race coverage on RAI (Italian TV and F1 host broadcaster), they had an exclusive interview with Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey and they asked him what had surprised him most this season and he said Lotus Renault GP and the clever exhaust system. Newey is widely regarded to be at the top of his game and to have him say this about the R31 is just fantastic!

It seemed to be a very interesting race from a strategic point of view, what did you think of LRGP’s four-stop strategy?

I think the team played things perfectly. The tyre wear for Pirelli was really intense which made for some very entertaining racing. LRGP pitched it just right, I think they have a really good feeling for exactly what works for the cars, drivers and the tyres. To be fourth in the Constructers Championship after just four races is very promising, Heidfeld is only three points behind Felipe Massa in the Ferrari – I think that speaks volumes!

What can we expect from the next couple of races?

If the team continues the way they are, I can’t see why there won’t be another top ten finish in Barcelona, but where I really think the car will shine is in Monaco, the week after – the unique street circuit should suit the R31’s special characteristics really well.