So, you fancy the great outdoors, and love the idea of being out in the open with a VW Type 2 Transporter, but can’t lay your hands on an example? Well, here’s a cheaper, and more accomodating option, a fold away you can roll up to the ground with in your Range Rover Sport. Or Touareg.

It’s a 1:1 scale tent of the Transporter, in this case the T1 version of the model from 1965, called the VW Camper Van tent. Officially licensed by Volkswagen, it offers accomodation for four adults, in two zip-separated double size ‘rooms,’ so one can, ahem, do whatever it is one would like to do in relative privacy (don’t think there’s too much sound insulation though).

Features include heavy-duty waterproofing on the outer fabric shell (3,000 mm top, 1,000 mm side rating) for protection against the elements, and blue, yellow and red as colour options. All you’ll need to complete the experience is to bring along accompanying music, clothes and other paraphernalia from the era.