We thought that yesterday’s posting of two lightly disguised Myvis would be the last of the new 2011 Myvi spyshots before the car’s launch this month, but it looks like we were wrong! Reader Syed Adam snapped a few photos of this trailer transporting a few units of the new 2011 Perodua Myvi without any disguise on them, although we can’t see much anyway as the photo was snapped at night.

I suppose that these Myvis are being trailered to dealerships across Malaysia. There should be many Perodua dealerships with the new Myvi in their compound by now, although I think with strict instructions for them to be covered up before the launch. That probably won’t stop the dealerships from lifting the covers a little if you’re a serious buyer that wants to place a booking though.

Look after the jump for four photos of the trailer.

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