In Japan, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has announced that its i-MiEV electric vehicle is now available in two trim variant levels, these being the entry-level M and higher-spec G.

Both versions are powered by a similar Y4F1 motor drive system but differ in their max outputs – the M offers 30kW, or 41 PS, while the G has 47 kW, or 64 PS – and battery rated capacities, in this case 10.5 kWh for the M and 16 kWh for the G. As a result, the cruising range per charge also differs, with the M offering 120 km of travel and the G, 180 km. In the case of the latter, this is a 20% improvement over the original i-MiEV.

Besides the extended cruising range, the G version will be equipped with more comprehensive equipment and a higher trim specification. It will feature LED headlamps and rear combination lamps, 15-inch alloy road wheels, leather-wrapped steering wheel/shifter knob, a 7-inch navigation system and heated seats (driver and front passenger) as standard, all thrown in at a price lower than that of the original i-MiEV.

There’s also a factory-fitted option called MiEV Remote System for the variant, which allows the owner to set the time he wants battery charging to start and finish and to pre-activate the climate control system before entering the car.

In terms of charge times, with a 200V AC current, the M can be fully charged in 4.5 hours, while the G takes seven hours, and on quick charge (to 80% capacity) it takes just 15 minutes for the M, and double that duration for the G.

The cruising range per charge has been extended by linking brake pedal usage to the regenerative braking system, while Active Stability Control (ASC) is now fitted as standard. The M model makes its domestic debut on July 25, while the G arrives in August, with seven body colours available for the two trim level variants.