Mercedes GP Petronas gave its new exhaust system a debut at last weekend’s British GP, and not only is the team happy with the better performance it brings, they’re expecting a stronger showing for the remaining half of the season. The MGP W02s of Rosberg and Schumacher ran a longer exhaust design to improve the efficiency of the blown diffuser, something the top three teams also use.

“We are on a new path with the exhaust system. With the system we had before we had explored most of the potential of it, and we were finding it very difficult to make progress. The new exhaust system is quite encouraging because we are seeing greater levels of potential with the new system than we saw with the old system,” team principal Ross Brawn explained.

“Our challenge – and we haven’t proven it yet – is to get over the reliability issues, and the installation issues. It wasn’t helped with the changes in engine mapping which have come along right in the middle of our project, but if is generally positive,” he added.

There are more updates on the way. “We can see potential in the system, but more important we have things coming which will take more and more advantage of this technology and this approach. We are reasonably optimistic. I am optimistic we will find some good advances with the system,” an upbeat Brawn said.

Rosberg was sixth and Schumacher ninth in Silverstone despite his misadventures, pushing Mercedes up to fourth in the Constructors’ Championship.