Latest June winner – Engku Mahani from Felda Jerangau, Ajil, Terengganu

After 3 months of the BHPetrol Fever Frenzy II contest where three Proton Inspiras and RM90,000 cash prizes have been given out to almost 100 lucky BHPetrol winners, just 2 weeks are left of the July Grand Finale.

Last chance for Malaysians to fill up and stand a chance to win the last Proton Inspira, RM30,000 cash prizes, ten iPad2s, five 40 inch LED television sets and ten x 500,000 BHPetrol ePoints!

Infiniti Fever Frenzy II runs from April 1, 2011 to July 31, 2011 and for a minimum spend of RM30 at participating BHPetrol service stations, Malaysians will be eligible to win the last remaining Proton Inspira 2.0 CVT or other fabulous prizes.

May winner – Madam Wu and family

BHPetrol’s Managing Director, Mr. Tan Kim Thiam, said that there are just two more weeks to go before the contest ends and urged Malaysians to give BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced2X 95 and 97 a try to feel the difference and at the same time be eligible to win a brand new performance-bred Proton Inspira and other great prizes.

“We at BHPetrol have thrown in more attractive prizes for the July Grand Finale. Not only is the last Proton Inspiras and RM30,000 cash up for grabs but we will also be giving out Apple iPad2s, LED television sets and 5 million BHPetrol ePoints! What’s even better is all entries submitted from the first three months will be eligible to win the July Grand Finale. So the more you spend, the better your chance of winning.

“So what better time than now to try out our BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced2X 95 and 97. BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced2X 95 and 97 will offer unparallel performance with our Advanced Double Strength formula as the new fuels are treated with Advanced Additive Compound (AAC) from Germany at the recommended maximum treat rate to give Malaysians the ultimate in fuel savings and power and at no extra cost to users.

The first winner – N. Veenaigmoorthy Narasaman from Puchong

“We at BHPetrol believe that not all petrol are the same. Quality German additives at maximum quality treat rate make all the difference. With Infiniti Advanced2X you get top petrol performance because of Quality additives developed with world-class German technology treated at the maximum Quantity of 800 parts per million,” added Tan.

The winner of the June Grand Prize was Engku Mahani from Felda Jerangau, Ajil, Terengganu who won a brand new Proton Inspira 2.0 CVT. The lucky winner is a clerk with 2 young kids and is a loyal customer of BHPetrol. Engku Mahani submitted 10 entry forms.

“I have been a loyal user of BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced2X 95 for years pumping at the BHPetrol Bukit Bading station. When I heard about Infiniti Fever Frenzy II I grabbed the chance to participate. Infiniti has always been my favourite fuel, giving my car absolute power and savings from the very start. I am so happy to have won the new Proton Inspira and is so timely with Raya coming up.” said Engku Mahani.