Gordon MurrayThe latest auto industry executive to join the Lotus Advisory Council is Gordon Murray, who will work together with other council members like Bob Lutz, Tom Purves, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Göschel and Frank Tuch.

The Lotus Advisory Council is supposed to advise Group Lotus on current and future development as well as strategic issues such as product strategy, technology, quality, brand, marketing and distribution for Group Lotus.

Gordon Murray is no stranger in the auto industry, credited with the design of F1 race cars and the McLaren F1 road car. Funny thing is, Murray moved to England in 1969 with the aim of hopefully getting a job at Lotus cars. He was eventually offered a job with Brabham.

“For years I’ve been a huge admirer of Lotus, I have great respect for the legacy that Colin Chapman created and I think what Dany and the team are doing is a really good thing for the brand. He’s taking the strength from Chapman’s principals and taking the business to the next level whilst still keeping the general ethos – not an easy task! I’m really looking forward to contributing to Group Lotus during this exciting time,” said Murray.

To be honest, while all of this is cool, I’m beginning to wish Group Lotus had something else product-related to announce other than all the various HR and sponsorship announcements that they’ve been putting out recently. They’re a car company after all.