Wacky and out of the world concepts are not as common as before, as more carmakers put their resources where it matters. Many concepts these days are already “on the way” or very near production when they hit the motor shows. But trust Citroen to faithfully churn out machines that can drop jaws. After all, how many companies have the word “Creative” in their motto?

This odd looking toaster on wheels is the Tubik Concept. The word Tubik came from the word “TUB”, the nickname of Citroen’s WW2 era delivery van. The TUB’s successor, the Type H, sold half a million units in 34 years on the market. If you know how TUB and his son look like (Google Citroen H Van), you’ll understand why the Tubik has such a snout and a separate head – the old timers look quite cute as well!

But the link is just for the looks. While the H Van was mainly used as a goods delivery van, the Tubik Concept is more like a moving apartment based on one key idea: travel should be fun. The Tubik can ferry nine people max, but when that’s not needed, the cabin can be turned into a lounge style cocoon.

The modular seats, designed to be arranged in different ways (semi-reclined, face-to-face, etc.) and the onboard technology (including a giant, semi-circular screen, and high-definition spatialised sound) turn the cabin into an area “for living and sharing.”

Each seat is independent for maximum comfort. The first row of seats lets two people sit facing the road or facing the other passengers.

The middle row can seat up to three people or, alternatively, it can be converted into a small table, be folded onto the last row to free up an area of almost two by two meters, or be folded out completely to create a “meridienne-style” seat. Passengers become spectators here, directed to the large multimedia screen in a semi-reclined position.

The “moucharaby” and large two-way panoramic window are an original way for passengers to see out easily, without others looking in. Shady businessmen and amorous couples will love it!

More pics of the van of tomorrow is after the jump.