Transfers. The word brings to mind the recent football transfer deadline day that saw plenty of wheeling dealing and shocking deals. Personally, I still can’t get over the fact that Arsene Wenger actually splashed some cash on not one, two or three, but five players. So perhaps the trashing by United was a blessing in disguise!

In the local drift scene, Goodyear Malaysia has made a great new signing as well. The team recently welcomed veteran drifter Tan Tat Wei into the fold. Now, as anyone who follows the scene will know, TTW is no stranger to winning and the podium, and is one of the big names in the drift circle. His loud rotary powered AE86 is equally famous.

Tan Tat Wei’s loud rotary powered Toyota AE86 in previous colours

The former Bridgestone backed man is a coup for Goodyear, and will join teammates Ariff Johanis Ahmad, Azrina Jane Abdullah, Hanizam Hamzah and Michael Gan. As part of Team Goodyear, drifters receive tyre sponsorships for a predetermined number of drift competitions, partial upgrading of vehicle and maintenance. In return, besides to do their best, they are required to conduct demonstrations at Goodyear events.

“It is truly an honor and pleasure to be affiliated with Team Goodyear. The association is one that has already begun to create a great deal of opportunity for me and has open many doors since I first joined them eight months ago. My car is now fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric and since using them, I definitely see an improvement in my performance as demonstrated during FD Singapore 2011 where I came in first,” said the 31 year-old Tan.