As you know, PETRONAS is title sponsor and official Fluid Technology Solutions package supplier for the Mercedes GP PETRONAS F1 team.

PETRONAS provides the fuel, engine oils, hydraulic and gear oils as well as transmission fluids to the Mercedes GP Petronas F1 team through its PETRONAS Lubricants International subsidiary, beginning with the Malaysian GP this year.

Petronas currently offers the following lubricants in Malaysia:

The range of fully synthetic oils are the 5000, 3000, and 1000 grades, available with various weights such as 0W30, 0W40, 5W40, or even 15W50. If you want to use semi-synthetic oil, there’s Syntium 800.

The range of oils comply with various standards such as API SM, API SM/CF, MB229.1, and VW 501/505. The Petronas Syntium microsite has very detailed information about each oil type (even in PDF form), so it’s a useful reference for you to do some research before you head out to your latest Mesra shop to grab a bottle.

The star of the line-up are of course the Syntium 5000, engineered to exceed the latest ILSAC GF-4 and the API SM standards meant for current and future generation high performance engines, especially those fitted with emission control devices, developed with F1 expertise. The thin SAE 0W-30 grade also provides better fuel economy, while the 0W-40 grade gives better engine wear protection during hard driving.

PETRONAS is having a promotion for their PETRONAS Syntium range of lubricants from now until 18 September 2011 (or while stocks last), where you can get different rewards when you purchase PETRONAS Syntium lubricants. Offer ends 18th of September 2011, so check it out now!