The Volkswagen-Suzuki relationship may be heading south, but the rumour mill continues to run unabated. Now, a report speculates that VW is mulling a full takeover of Suzuki, even as the Japanese automaker is seeking a complete separation from the partnership.

German mag Der Spiegel reported that a senior manager at VW was quoted as saying that he didn’t rule out a full takeover of Suzuki. Other reports, however, have come out stating that this is highly unlikely to happen, given that Suzuki would have to want to sell, and without the willingness on the part of company chairman and CEO Osamu Suzuki in any bid would ultimately fall through.

Earlier reports said that Suzuki is looking to end its two-year relationship, following a fall-out that began when VW accused Suzuki of violating the agreement of the partnership by looking at Fiat for an engine deal. Suzuki has reportedly offered to buy back VW’s 19.9% stake, but VW has said it is happy with the investment and has no intention of selling.

While VW is unable to raise its stake in the Japanese company without the latter’s consent as long as the alliance is still in place, it can begin to do so if Suzuki cancels the partnership, the report adds. The takeover attempt is probably not going to get very far, given that the Japanese will likely adopt a protectionist attitude towards what would be correctly regarded as a hostile foreign bid.