Today happens to be World Carfree Day – every September 22, the initiative to go carless for the day is held, to remind us why we shouldn’t be beholden to the vehicle. Of course, that’s easier said than done – forsaking the car in getting about one’s daily business, especially here in KL, is very much a pipe dream for most on weekdays.

On weekends, however, there’s a better chance of needing – and wanting – to go around with a car, and with that in mind, Prasarana is looking to do its bit to help reduce the carbon footprint; the company is offering a total of 150,000 free one-way travel coupons on the Light Rail Transit (LRT) as well as the Monorail system. The initiative – in support of World Carfree Day – will see these passes being handed out on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from today. No mention of when the campaign stops; presumably, when the passes run out, one assumes.

The bus service to and fro to stations now features 150 additional buses (with expanded area coverage), which Prasarana says brings down the waiting time for one from 20 minutes to 15, and there are bicycle parking facilities available at 17 LRT stations, if you think you’re game to go two-wheeled part of the way. Might want to bring enough locks to secure your ride though.