This is another Volkswagen up!-based concept car called the e-up!, and although we’re just looking at it in concept form now, it’s been decided that a production version of the e-up! will be launched in 2013. This Frankfurt 2011 concept is a near-production study, which has some design differentiation for one to identify it compared to the regular internal combustion engine powered up!

The most distinctive design feature would be the arc-shaped layout of the LED daytime running lights integrated in the front bumper. The gap between the hood and the bumper which normally has a cooling grille in the up! is covered by a chrome trim strip since the narrow air intake slots above and below the licence plate suffice to cool the electric ddrive.

The e-up!’s electric motor makes a peak power of 60 kW and a sustained power of 40kW, and typical of electric motors, has a high torque of 210Nm from zero revs. The electric motor can take the e-up! to a top speed of 135km/h.

The car’s battery capacity of 18kWh enables a maximum distance of about 150km depending on driving style, which should be enough for city driving. The batteries themselves are located in the underbody of the e-up!. Meanwhile, all key drive and ancillary components are housed in front in the engine compartment.