Yesterday was the day that 24-year old Sebastian Vettel created history by becoming the youngest ever double world champion, finishing on the podium in Suzuka when all he needed was just one point. You would have thought that he’d be happy with third but no, the man was disappointed he didn’t win!

“I was as hungry as I ever have been and going for victory, throwing the car around and trying everything to get close to the guys again. I would have loved the race to continue a little bit longer but that’s why it was a bit shocking when I crossed the line; that’s it, full of adrenaline, charged to get back to them and then all of a sudden, chequered flag.

“Then it was time to realise that we had won the championship and we can take a little bit of time, which I think we will have tonight together,” Vettel said.

“Obviously a lot of people have been quite confident on that but I think one of the important things was that we didn’t allow ourselves to drift away on it too much. Everything we did this year, everything we achieved, we achieved as a team. It’s not just us on the track it’s the guys in the factory pushing very hard as well.

“We set ourselves the target to win the championship this year, to achieve it by Japan already with more races to go is difficult to put in words. It will take time, it’s as confusing as the first one. I’m sure we have a little bit more time tonight within the team and the rest of the season,” the German added.

On what went through his mind after seeing the chequered flag, Vettel said: “I tell you what I never imagined that I would win my second world championship and Michael (Schumacher) drives past me doing this (makes a gesture with his hand). That’s really weird because when I was a little boy he was already F1 world champion.

“So that imagination was far out of sight. It’s those small things that make it really, really special. I have a lot of good memories back then and today. I feel in a way quite fortunate and blessed to be able to experience all that.

“We had so many fans today, I saw so many excited people during the drivers’ parade, to see the grandstands were full. That’s really one of the last thoughts that I have before I put my helmet on.

“Life for me and I think all the drivers doesn’t get much better than this. Sunny days, a lot fans, everyone excited to see what you do. I think that is what life is about. To wrap up the championship here, which has been the ultimate target this year, is difficult to put in words. It’s more than fantastic,” he exclaimed.

Well done! Now, to be the youngest triple world champion, back-to-back!