Today marks a major milestone for Bufori Motor Car, as the company flies its first batch of cars to China, an important market in the brand’s plans. Three units – two units of the La Joya and one MK II – are now over two hours into their journey to Pudong on board MASkargo flight MH6162. We were there to send them off, giving yours truly a chance to step in a cargo plane for the first time :)

The 120-tonne capacity Boeing 747-400F freighter is scheduled to touch down at 1905 local time, and the cars will be then sent to Bufori’s new dealership located in Shanghai’s posh Xintiandi district. The Malaysian based company, which hand builds cars at its Kepong factory, has been working very long and hard to seal the deal with the Chinese importer and distributor, so today is a sweet day for Bufori boss Gerry Khouri.

It’s an emotional day for Khouri, too, since he will be parting with the first ever Bufori MK II that was produced in Malaysia – it’s the black car with MME stickers you see in the pics. Apparently, one Chinese customer saw the car in Malaysia, and wanted no other but that unit itself. On the other hand, the two La Joyas you see here are the freshest, most recent cars that rolled out from the factory. The lucky cars get nice “front row seats” with plenty of legroom!

It’s crucial that the cars get first class treatment, as they will be on show at Top Marques Shanghai 2011, a luxury show parading toys for big boys such as yachts, supercars, private jets, antiques and fine watches, among other things millionaires like. Bufori is the official car of the show. Participating in such a show is a smart move for Bufori – the rich in China like to show off and stand out, and few other cars get you as many stares as a Bufori. I can already imagine it cruising down the Bund!

The gold La Joya you see here is an example of how every Bufori is unique. The owner, a wealthy lady, gave Bufori her own pearl to be encrusted into the gear knob, and her signature is engraved in the cabin as well, so anything is possible.

Currently, there’s a waiting list of half a year for a hand made Bufori, which sells 50 to 60 cars per year. They have a target capacity of 300 units per annum though, which is only limited by capital. With sales from China, this should be taken care of, providing funds for more projects and models. By the way, the Geneva limo that was unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show has garnered six orders so far. Click here to read all about it.

Their cars may not be for everyone, but the perseverance, passion and spirit behind Bufori deserves the support of everyone. Good luck guys!